Welcome To
The Coaching Department!

Kevin MacDonald and Shelley MacDougall provide enhanced coaching to help you become the leader you’ve always dreamed of being. They inspire greatness, reward accomplishments, and polish leadership abilities. Kevin and Shelley are the complete coaching resource you’ve been searching for!

The main goal is always to help organizations (and their people) craft different results. This happens through becoming more aware, adding new information and beliefs, changing actions, and having an accountability structure in place.

The coaching department provides coaching, training and resources for you and your team. We want you to be everything you can be, don’t you?! Contact the Coaching Department today for you and your organization!

Shelley MacDougall and Kevin MacDonald


“Your presence gives rays of sunshine to all the women in my class. You help us in every way. Thank you.”  - Teil Grant, Hair Art Academy

“Kevin has this ability to make you talk about subjects you need to talk about whether you want to or not. After he’s gone, you think about it and realize he’s lifted this huge weight off your shoulders, …CLICK FOR MORE!

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